Pricing for The Giving Spring

Compare our plan to other online giving platforms and you'll see that we offer some of the best rates and lowest fees for e-check and credit card processing.

Just how much money does our flat rate .55c per e-check transaction pricing save your organization? Let’s take a look at the pricing difference between another major online processor PayPal Pro as compared to The Giving Spring.

For our comparison we’re going to assume your organization collects $100,000 / yr in online donations. We’ll also assume that your average donation amount is $75.00 and that 50% of your donations are made via e-check.

compare giving spring and paypal pro rates

**Keep in mind the gap between fees will increase if your organization frequently has a average donation greater than the $75.00 figure used above or if you have frequent large one time donations.

Image of Pricing Chart

1 Simple Plan Everything you need


Start up fee - $0

Our low monthly fee means more of each donation goes directly to your organization, furthering your mission.


Flat Rate - 55 cents / check (default option, gets you the best rate)

CC Transactions

2.9% + 30 cents

Online Giving

Recurring giving

Mobile giving

Monthly Minimum

CC transactions




Batch Fee

Batch Fee - 10 cents/batch day* (0 if no transactions for the day)

Settlement Fee


Statement Fee


Customer Service Fee




IRS Reg. Fee


Debit Only Option


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